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Asbestos is a hazardous substance which was once used in spray-applied flame retardants, thermal system insulation, and a variety of other materials. It is commonly found in acoustic ceilings, linoleum and vinyl tiles, stucco, drywall and various other components of homes and buildings. The asbestos abatement process is potentially hazardous, and must be handled with proper safety measures and the utmost care.

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Environmental 911 is licensed, certified, and insured to perform asbestos abatement. Our team of highly-trained technicians adhere to the highest industry standards. We follow the regulations set forth by OSHA (Department of Labor Occupational Safety and Health Act), and those of the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency). In addition, our business and asbestos abatement services are in compliance with the SCAQMD (Southern California Air Quality Management District).

Environmental 911 has the expertise necessary to determine the proper abatement procedures to safely handle the asbestos in your home or office. In some cases removal is not necessary, and the asbestos-bearing materials may be enclosed or encapsulated to prevent any asbestos fibers from becoming exposed. When removal is necessary, we have the necessary industrial equipment specifically designed for asbestos removal. Finally, we perform a thorough testing process to ensure that your home or work environment is completely safe before your return.

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